We are delighted to introduce our MEET THE MEERKATS NFT collection that will take you on an exiting adventure with unique story lines.

The adventure starts with Jimmy , the meerkat, on our cannabis farm in the beautiful southern parts of Africa in the Magalies mountain range. This became there home some years ago after being driven out from there previous burrow by predators.

Starting afresh with new hope, they cultivated the land by working together as a family. Each family member successfully contributed to the daily tasks in working the plantation, hunting for food, baby sitting the terrible twins and entertaining the tourists visiting our farm.

 My name is Jimmy and I am the dad and Alpha male of the mob. I run the day to day operations on the farm, assisted by my misses and our four pups.The misses aka Hazel plays a very important role in ensuring that our family are fed daily and taken care off.

Our oldest son Buddy, the cannabis and crypto enthusiast, is called the sentry. He watches over both the burrow system and plantations and warns the mob when he spots danger. I however believe that he is smoking up all the profits while listening to his meerkat rock.

Then we have the diva of the family our teenage daughter Buttercup. She is a fashionable socialite with the daunting task of babysitting the terrible twins.

Then lastly we have our terrible twins. This dynamic duo wreaks havoc as far as they go. They like spending there days up in the trees and playing in mud holes, leaving a dirt trail as far as they go. Even the plantations have had there share of our terrible twins.

Our NFTs containing all our mob members will be available on Open Sea on the 26 Jan 2022

My son, Buddy, will take it from here to give you more information regarding Meet the Meerkats NFTS.


I Am Buddy

Let me tell you why we are launching our Meet the Meerkat NFTs!

While my whole family and collogues on the farm think I spend my days in the cannabis plantation relaxing and smoking up some stock, I am actually busy designing and developing our Metaverse Farm, which I am very excited to share with you.

Myself and our team are designing a one of a kind Metaverse Farm, where crypto-farmers can purchase land, greenhouses and much more in the form of NFTs to equip themselves to experience the most profitable farming adventure.

This unique Metaverse Farm has similar landscapes as our habitat in the Southern parts of Africa. Each NFT Holder will be able to plant, maintain, grow and harvest there own crop and sell there harvest back for a profit.

On the metaverse farm you will not only be able to “Farm to Earn” but explore the vast African farming landscape and befriend yourselves with other famers, sharing ideas, experiences and many more.